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Software Engineering and Cyber Security

Diploma in Software Engineering and Cyber Security is a 2 years diploma course. Its a combination of computer programming and Information Technology security course with IT Act 2000

Part 1:

Fundamental, MS-Word, MS-PowerPoint, MS-Excel, MS-Access, Introduction with Computer Programming through C, Introduction with Data Structure. Introduction to ethical hacking. Fundamentals of computer networking. TCP/IP protocol stack. Project. IP addressing and routing. TCP and UDP. IP subnets.

Part 2:

Introduction on Object Oriented Programming with C++, Core Java, and Mini Project on JAVA & C++. Installation of attacker and victim system. Information gathering using advanced google search,, netcraft, whois, host, dig, dnsenum and NMAP tool.

Part 3:

Vulnerability scanning using NMAP and Nessus. Creating a secure hacking environment. System Hacking: password cracking, privilege escalation, application execution. Malware and Virus. ARP spoofing and MAC attack. Introduction with DBMS, Modern online development with HTML5 & CSS3, Layout design. Implementation of JQuery. Website Development with PHP & MySQL, Project. Development of CMS for Web Portal.

Part 4:

Introduction to cryptography, private-key encryption, public-key encryption. Cyber Security and Brief Knowledge on Information Technology Act. Interview Preparation. Steganography, biometric authentication, network-based attacks, DNS and Email security. Packet sniffing using wireshark and burpsuite, password attack using burp suite. Social engineering attacks and Denial of service attacks. Different types of attacks using Metasploit framework: password cracking, privilege escalation, remote code execution, etc.Attack on web servers: password attack, SQL injection, cross site scripting.

Eligibility : 10+2 or Higher
Duration : 12 Months
Fees : 38,200/-

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